What can I expect at Asilomar?


Watch our video for answers and lots more!



What will the weather be like?


California Coastal weather can be unpredictable. Bring layers and be prepared for rain and also coastal fog and mist.  Comfortable shoes are a must, Asilomar is fairly rustic. We suggest a flash light for after dark strolls.



What should I wear to class and dances?


For all Scottish Country dancing classes, ladies are encouraged to wear skirts or dresses and men to wear kilts or knee length shorts. Formal wear is appropriate for the Saturday night Kim McGarrity Memorlal Ball.



Are the dance floors slippery?


The historic wooden floors at Asilomar have been very slippery in the past. We recommend dance shoes with treated soles such as Dow Corning 3140 silicone gel coating, available online at www.rscds-sf.org or rubber soles such as Topi. To be effective soles should be treated at least a week ahead.



Can I purchase some new shoes (ghillies and pumps)?


There will be an opportunity to puchase ghillies and pumps at Asilomar. Shoes come in a variety of sizes and you'll be able to try them on before buying. Location and time of shoe sales will be in your registration packet at Asilomar.



How do I get details of dances the teachers taught?


Please do not ask teachers for the copies of dances taught.  Details of dances taught will be uploaded to our Past Dances Taught page as soon as they become available, after the Asilomar Weekend. Lists of past dances taught are available for all years going back to 1999.



Is there Wi-Fi at Asilomar?


Complimentary Wi-Fi in the Business Center and the Phoebe Hearst Social Hall. It is also available in all the guest rooms.



Other Questions?


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions may be in your Registration Packet emailed to all registrants. Or please email us  your question at SFasilomarDance@gmail.com or use our Contact Form.


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