19 Reasons to take the Asilomar Weekend off your Bucket List!

1. The weather in the Fall is terrible.

2. The coastline is uninteresting and somewhat blah.


3. The architecture is largely hit and miss.


4. And what little there is, really hasn't lasted.



5. There is no wildlife to see.


6. Really, there's no interesting wildlife at all to see here.



7. There are no buildings that are over 200 years old.


8. Or of cultural significance.



9. Nearby towns are simply bland.


10. There is nothing for Scottish Country Dancers here.


11. The local music scene is drab and uninteresting.



12.The local wine scene isn't worth trying.



13. There are no opportunities to stay in charming historic buildings.



14. There are no unique dress codes or traditions.



15. The locals can leave a lot to be desired.



16. There's no chance of dance in a historic landmark.


17. No coastline or beaches to explore.



18. You won't encounter here anything of world box office fame.


19. Or have a chance to meet up with friends.



No, really! Asilomar is really not the place to visit if you are a Scottish Country dancer.

With thanks to Donna Mackay, BuzzFeed for the concept & idea.





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