We love this photo by our friend photographer and dancer Holly Gibson of a kilted Scottish Country Dancer on the Asilomar State Beach. Being on the beach is one of those Weekend activities that many of us regulars love to do: take one of Asilomar's boardwalks, cross the dunes and the road, and head down to the beach to watch the waves, check out the birds on the shoreline, cool off our feet or even practice Saturday night Ball dances on the sand! Whether its an early morning stroll before breakfast, or a dash down on Saturday afternoon or a wander down on Sunday after the Weekend, there's always something to see and do at the beach during the Asilomar Weekend.

We can't believe we have just 8 days to go till Friday April 27, 2018. That's our tentative cut off date for getting applications in. Applications are coming in steadily and we hope that we'll have room for you to join us at this year's Asilomar Weekend.

If you are still undecided about attending the Weekend, we think its a real treat. Its not just an excuse to put on your best kilt, or dress up for Saturday night’s Memorial Ball, its also a great opportunity to make new friends, try out some new dance techniques, enjoy the ocean-side location and have a terrific time! Here's our link to see just how unique the weekend is. Here's our Asilomar Weekend Scottish Country Dance Weekend on our YouTube channel, or if you prefer, watch it on our main website

This year's weekend, thats Friday through Sunday, October 26-28, will be extra special as we celebrate 60 years of Scottish Country Dancing at Asilomar. Can you believe that? Scottish country dancers started coming down to the Asilomar Grounds and State Park back in December 1958. And some of those attendees will be at Asilomar in October - and dancing! Great confirmation that dancing does a body good.

So sign up soon! What are you waiting for? You’ll be glad you decided to come join the dance. We look forward to seeing you there. To apply online, please go to Apply Online Form. To apply by mail, download our application form and mail it in! Pay your deposit by check or PayPal.

Thanks all.

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