Asilomar Weekend ~ 7 Nights to go!

We're getting into countdown mode this week! With just 7 nights to go before we're all at Asilomar, here’s a few more suggestions and reminders for our first timers.

If you are driving to Asilomar from the Bay Area, remember to allow plenty of time to get there so you can fully participate and enjoy the Weekend. Traffic can sometimes be problematic heading out of San Francisco or down Highway 17 on Friday afternoons.

When you arrive at Asilomar, remember that you may temporarily park your car in one of the parking lots near the Hearst Social Hall or behind Pirates Den, and then register in Hearthside, inside Merrill Hall. While you may check-in and pick up your room card key at any time after about 1:30pm, our "Official Registration" times run 3-7pm. Our guest rooms will not be available until 4pm when the key cards will be turned on. Linger in Hearthside to greet friends new and old, and to peruse our Raffle & Auction Fundraiser items.

Asilomar Weekend, annotated map of Asilomar Grounds

If for any reason, you do arrive on the late side, no problem! There will be someone in Hearthside to greet you. If you do arrive after 7pm, you’ll be responsible for your own dinner. Dinner in the Crocker Dining Hall at Asilomar is only served between 6pm and 7pm.

If you arrive between 6pm and 7pm and wish to eat dinner, you'll need to register first. You will receive a name badge and 6 meal tickets in your registration packet, one for each meal provided during the Weekend. Please make sure you have the appropriate ticket with you as it must be presented upon entering the Crocker Dining Hall. Please wear your name badge which identifies you as part of our group. An Asilomar staff member should direct you to the tables designated for Scottish country dancers, but do ask for our tables, if they don't, or if you are unclear. Meals are served semi-cafeteria style. If you requested a special meal when you registered, please ask for your vegetarian or special meal as you enter the food counter area. If desired, you may order wine in the Dining Hall. Last, although dress is generally very casual at Asilomar, wearing shoes is required in the Crocker Dining Hall.

Scottish country dancers in the Crocker Dining Hall

Weather-wise, Asilomar in the fall is usually clear and sunny. Temperature-wise, the weather is cooling down a bit, with daytime high's over the Asilomar Weekend expected between 67º-70ºF (19º-21ºC) and overnight lows around 56ºF (13ºC). Weather experts project that it will be mostly sunny with minimal chance of rain all weekend. Sunrise will be around 7:25am and sunset, around 6:16pm. Find our Weather Forecast for the Weekend on our What to Expect page:

While we don't expect rain next weekend, you may want to bring light rain-gear, jacket or an umbrella, just in case. Usually dressing in layers will prepare you well for any temperature fluctuations we might experience outside at Asilomar. Oh, and do bring a bathing suit if you'd like to use Asilomar’s outdoor heated swimming pool.

Asilomar's pool

Part of the charm of being at Asilomar is that the grounds are fairly rustic. As a result, walking shoes are recommended. Although the paths are softly lit after dark, having a flashlight is a good idea.

Path through Asilomar Grounds

Last, do join Bruce Herbold and me for our first timer tour of the Asilomar Conference Grounds on Friday afternoon. We'll meet near the stage inside Merrill Hall at 4pm.

We all look forward to meeting and welcoming you to Asilomar next Friday.

Safe travels everyone,

Charlotte and Bruce

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